Now, get started !

After thinking about it, are you interested?

Are you ready to get started?

Here is how to proceed.

1) Make contact with the Zacchaeus Course Team

Inform us of your interest in the Course using the address:

To help you get started, you will be contacted by someone who is used to leading sessions of the Zacchaeus Course. They will be able to give you everything you need to make a good beginning (publicity material, outline talks, teaching notes for leading the Course, etc.), or else refer you to a Course that is already taking place. You can yourself check whether there already is a Course near where you live on the map which is updated regularly: (cf. tab “The Zacchaeus Course near to you”).

2) Suggest the Zacchaeus Course to people around you

The Zacchaeus Course is an exercise in proximity to others and the times of group-sharing are the key to its success. It is best to be with people who live near to one another. Beyond a certain distance, it is better to start another group.

The Course is experienced in the context of the Church, ideally in association with and with the agreement of a parish or local community, on which you can rely for publicity for the launch of the Course, for example by means of an introductory evening.

It is essential to explain to everyone that the Course is not complicated but that it does demand an absolute commitment to persevere to the end.

The Zacchaeus Course may not be suitable for people who have no knowledge of the Christian Faith. Sometimes it is more appropriate for people who are “searching” to refer them to such things as the “Alpha Course” or any other course of initiation in the Christian Faith, organized in your diocese.

3) Obtain a copy of the book “The Zacchaeus Course”

Practical and accessible, the book is essential in order to really profit from the Course. Each participant should have a copy which will enable them to do the daily exercises and to take notes.  To order your ebook click here.

4) Choose the leaders of the sharing groups

Each sharing group of between 6 and 10 people will be led by one of its members. It is not essential for the group leader to have already experienced the Zacchaeus Course. However, the group leader must want to help the people for whom they are responsible to grow.

The group leader must be able to lead a team, to give everyone an opportunity to speak, to be attentive to everyone, to encourage those who find speaking difficult and to be concerned to respect a few rules to preserve the spirit of the Course (confidentiality, punctuality, keeping to the point, listening to one another, no judgment, simplicity and restraint). This spirit of welcome and good will and this “pastoral” element are essential if the group is to become more “fraternal” and united.

5) Get started!

The Zacchaeus Course is complete, comprehensive and accessible. Its method has been tested extensively and confirmed by experience. Thousands of people in many countries have gone before you – their testimonies show that its simple practical teaching is capable of transforming lives. With the teaching aids provided and the determination to keep persevering, your success is assured.

6) Inform us of your Course

To meet the demand of the many people wishing to join a Zacchaeus Course near to where they live, help us update the map of the Courses and ensure that your course is shown by filling in the form provided by clicking on this link.

If you want to change any of the details of your Course (a change in the person responsible, contact email, date, etc. of Course, and so on), please contact us directly at:

If your Course is discontinued, please notify us, and we will remove you from the map!