Discover the Zacchaeus Course

A programme based on the Social Doctrine of the Church 

to achieve unity between Christian faith and everyday life


What is the Zacchaeus Course ?

The Zacchaeus Course is a time of personal and spiritual (trans)formation experienced in a group to enable us to develop a genuine ‘‘Christian art of living’’.

The Zacchaeus Course

How does it work ?

The Zacchaeus Course is an opportunity to teach yourself in a very practical way, alternating between teachings, prayer, personal exercises and sharing groups.

A simple method


Thousands of people have experienced the course, and their testimonies show that its simple practical teaching is capable of transforming lives. 

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Zacchaeus tools

The basic tool necessary for the Course is the book of exercises

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Now, get started!

Here is how to proceed to start the course step by step!

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